Treniruočių volas HMS FS107 purpurinis, 31.5cm


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FS107 HMS is a roller for general development exercises. Its advantages will be appreciated by everyone interested in an active lifestyle. The roller / roller FS107 HMS was designed to relax tense muscles and improve motor coordination. With its use, you can not only improve your condition, but also effectively model your body shape. Due to special massage tabs, it will also be appreciated by people experiencing problems with blood circulation. The FS107 HMS model is made of high-quality EVA material that guarantees comfort and convenience during exercise. It is resistant to abrasion and does not absorb moisture, making it easy to keep clean. Training with a roller / roller FS107 HMS effectively activates the postural muscles, which helps to improve endurance and corrects possible posture defects. For this reason, it is an ideal device for people with a sedentary lifestyle. For the roller FS107 HMS you can easily find many applications. In addition to typical gymnastic training, it is also very effective in the treatment of people with various types of movement problems.


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Svoris 0.600000 kg
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Treniruočių volas HMS FS107 purpurinis, 31.5cm


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