Trampoline Set inSPORTline Flea 244cm


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Safe fun for the entire family! Perfect for children and their parents alike, the Trampoline Set inSPORTline Flea 244 cm will look great in your garden. The durable steel construction can withstand weather elements and heavy use, plus its 100kg weight limit makes it suitable for jumpers of all ages. To protect users from falling off the jumping area, the trampoline comes with a 150-cm-high safety net

The rest of the trampoline is safe too. The springs that hold the trampoline are hidden under a protective cover while the net poles are padded with foam sleeves. The anti-slip ladder allows you to get on the trampoline safely while the entrance is secured not only with a zipper, but also with buckles. With its 244cm diameter, this trampoline will fit right into your garden. If you’re looking to entertain the restless family members (including the adult ones), the Trampoline Set inSPORTline Flea 244 cm is the way to go! 


Trampoline Set inSPORTline Flea 244cm
Trampoline Set inSPORTline Flea 244cm Solid steel construction
Trampoline Set inSPORTline Flea 244cm Safety net is secured in place around the upper edge
Trampoline Set inSPORTline Flea 244cm Net poles are padded with foam sleeves
Trampoline Set inSPORTline Flea 244cm Entrance is secured not only with a zipper, but also with buckles
Trampoline Set inSPORTline Flea 244cm Extremely durable, anti-UV jumping mat
Trampoline Set inSPORTline Flea 244cm Protective spring cover for increased safety
Trampoline Set inSPORTline Flea 244cm Stable double-legs
Trampoline Set inSPORTline Flea 244cm Ladder with anti-slip rungs


Technical description:

  • Top-quality trampoline suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • All safety features included
  • Suitable for home use
  • Jumping mat: Anti-UV


Papildoma informacija

Svoris 36.000000 kg
Išmatavimai 18.000000 × 130.000000 × 55.000000 cm

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Trampoline Set inSPORTline Flea 244cm


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