Sulankstomas suolelis atsilenkimams, pilvo presui inSPORTline ABD050


Pardavėjas: Stepinfit


Pristatysime iki: 2021-11-08 DPD kurjeriu
Prekės garantija: 24 mėn.

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Compact, lightweight and multi-purpose – the Incline Bench inSPORTline ABD050 is perfect for an intense home workout as it offers a variety of core exercises. Apart from sit-ups and body weight exercises, you can also use dumbbells, do all kinds of leg exercises as well as push-ups (using the foam-covered side handles). The bench features not only soft padding but also anti-slip synthetic leather upholstery.   

The bench’s smaller size allows for an even more intense workout (as you can’t fully lean against it). The roller pads can be adjusted to three different positions, providing maximum comfort during the workout. When you’re done, just take out the safety pin, fold the bench up and store it away.


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Svoris 7.550000 kg
Išmatavimai 18.000000 × 86.000000 × 36.000000 cm
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pilvo presui inSPORTline ABD050

Sulankstomas suolelis atsilenkimams, pilvo presui inSPORTline ABD050


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