Riedučiai Nils Extreme NA14169 mėlyni-pilki – PU70 mm/82A (S 31-34)


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NA14169 Nils Extreme is a model of inline skates designed for beginners and intermediate enthusiasts of skating. It is a combination of an interesting design with the highest quality materials that guarantee a very high comfort of use.

The shoe is made of synthetic leather, EVA and velvet material, MESH mesh and high-density foam. Thanks to this, the ride will be extremely comfortable. Additionally, it has a breathable membrane and is ventilated. ABEC9 class bearings provide high traction quality.

Soft wheels ensure good adhesion to the ground and absorb all vibrations well. An additional advantage is that you can mount 3 wheels with a diameter of 100 mm, which will guarantee an even faster ride. Fastening the shoe with a two-section buckle, Velcro and laces ensures maximum safety while driving, while the brake made of the highest quality impact-resistant PP will cause a safe stop, even at relatively high speeds.

The ability to adjust the size makes it easy to quickly adjust the size to the user’s foot, thanks to which inline skates will be used for many seasons!


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Riedučiai Nils Extreme NA14169 mėlyni-pilki - PU70 mm/82A (S 31-34)


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