Peilis su dirželiu Opinel Colorama 08 Inox Grab tamsiai mėlynas, su įdėklu


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The Opinel Colorama 08 inox navy blue with strap is a folding outdoor knife, equipped with a Sandvik 12C27M stainless steel blade , Virobloc lock, and a wooden handle with a strap for attachment.

The knife has a blade with a length of 85 mm, made of sandvik 12C27M modified stainless steel, hardened to hardness and 57-58 HRC . Due to the admixture of chromium, Swedish steel is corrosion resistant and does not require special maintenance. 12C27M is a pure fine grain alloy with a high carbon content (min 0.40%) which is distinguished by good abrasion resistance and satisfactory retention. Thanks to these parameters, the blade remains sharp for a long time , is resistant to corrosion and wear, and is easy to sharpen . The blade is unfolded with both hands using a nail cutout.

Exotic blade profile

This model uses a jatagan blade. The designer’s inspiration was a traditional Turkish saber with a characteristically folded tip. The blade has a perfectly led convex cut , which guarantees excellent cutting parameters and ensures high durability of the cutting edge. The side edges of convex grinding are convex and smoothly pass from the cutting edge to the back of the blade, thanks to which, compared to, for example, concave grinding, we can cut faster and more efficiently.

Wooden handle

The handle is made of French hornbeam wood, with a varnish coating that protects against dirt and moisture. The handle has a traditional oval profile that widens at the end, keeping the knife comfortable and secure in the hand . The hole in the handle was used to weave a thong, which makes it easier to remove the knife from the pocket and allows it to be attached to the equipment.

Virobloc lock

The knife uses a Virobloc safety ring designed by Marcel Opinel in 1955. Virobloc has a steel structure and consists of two parts: fixed (internal) and movable, responsible for locking the blade in the open and folded position. The mechanism is easy to use, durable and reliable, which is why Opinel has been using it almost unchanged for over 65 years.


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Peilis su dirželiu Opinel Colorama 08 Inox Grab tamsiai mėlynas, su įdėklu


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