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HS115 Nils Extreme is a scooter designed for children, teenagers and adults. The maximum user weight is 100 kg. The frame and the steering wheel are made of strong and durable steel. HS115, will be perfect for asphalt surfaces and paved sidewalks. 110 x 24 mm wheels and ABEC9 class bearings allow for optimal equipment performance, and thus excellent efficiency in operation. In turn, the rear foot brake ensures maximum safety of use and allows you to stop the scooter immediately. Customers choosing this model pay attention to its durability and ease of use. Thanks to the use of the highest quality materials, the Nils Extreme scooter is almost impossible to destroy.

The HS115 is a stunt or stunt scooter. The stunt scooter does not have a folding mechanism or a handlebar height adjustment system – such solutions could weaken the entire structure, which is obviously not desirable in the case of competitive equipment. Durability is the basis for this type of scooters. When performing tricks, because this is what they are mainly intended for, the equipment is heavily loaded. Thanks to the use of the most durable materials, the stunts will be carried out without fear of a possible failure. The HS115 has a wide three-chamber deck that allows you to perform even the most advanced tricks. Thanks to the reinforced structure, it is possible to make even the most demanding evolutions. The design will enable the satisfactory execution of the evolution, both for beginners as well as advanced stunters. The scooter has a threadless system of mounting the steering wheel (threadless) – so it is able to withstand jumps and very demanding tricks.


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Svoris 4.200000 kg
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Paspirtukas Nils Extreme HS115 žalias-juodas


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