Olimpinis chromuotas grifas Proud 20kg, Silver


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OLYMPIC CROSS TRAINING BAR 20KG PROUD was made for training in crossfit rooms and gyms with dynamic training.

The barbell has a weight of 20 kg, length 220 cm and width 28mm. High elastic steel was used in its production. Works great with all kinds of multi-joint exercises.

The bar has slide bearings to protect its mechanics against damage when dropping with a load. The barbell sleeves have been additionally hardened, which increases their strength, and the flexible steel makes the neck work with the exerciser.

The offer includes three color variants: black, blue and red.

For additional reinforcement, the barbell on colored elements has been covered with a ceramic coating. This provides much more protection against damage during exercise.

Special bearings: Plain bearings are used here to protect the bar when dropping under load.

Flexible steel: makes the bar work with the exerciser, which is extremely desirable especially for dynamic exercises.

You can throw it: it’s made for that. Perfect for cross training, but due to the high quality it is very versatile. As many as 8 bearings were used here.

Hardened bushings: increase durability to an even higher level. It’s armored equipment.

Train according to your rules.

With the help of this barbell you can do really versatile training. Great for weightlifting, crossfit exercises or functional training. Ideal for multi-joint exercises.

Extremely important information when choosing equipment for training is its use. This is an important aspect that largely determines the decision to buy.

If you want to throw a bar, you can’t choose the best one from the edge. Unadapted barbells will wear out quickly, which will result in their rapid damage.

With the Olympic neck Proud Men’s Cross Training, you don’t have to worry about that. Extremely durable materials and elements were used to create it, ensuring long-term use.



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Olimpinis chromuotas grifas Proud 20kg, Silver


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