Mini riedlentė Worker Lumy 200 22″, šviečianti


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Light-Up Penny Board WORKER Lumy 200 is striking and impressive for many reasons. The transparent deck that lights up through a LED strip looks very effective, especially at night. This stylish feature is only accentuated further by LED wheels. The wheels light up while spinning, creating electromagnetic energy that fuels the LED diodes without the need for a battery. The deck, on the other hand, is powered by a battery and can be charge with USB connector. 

The practical ribbing on the surface of the board prevents your feet from slipping off the penny board. The riding experience is enhanced by the precisely made ABEC 7 bearings. Another advantage of the penny board is its compact size – if you don’t feel like riding at the moment, you can pack it into your backpack or just carry it around under your arm. This kicktail cruiser is ideal for urban riding and commute to school or work. Penny Board WORKER Lumy 200 will surely impress your friends with its transparent deck, light-up wheels and playful design. This little light-up board will surely find a way into your heart, too.


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Mini riedlentė Worker Lumy 200 22", šviečianti