Keičiamo svorio hantelių ir štangos komplektas HMS SGC15, 15 kg


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A dumbbell with an exchangeable weight is a classic, and at the same time a must-have for every home gym. The SGC15 HMS, i.e. a set of two composite dumbbells, which can additionally be joined, so that we receive a barbell, cannot be missing. The combination of high-quality materials guarantees high durability, and thus the possibility of using the equipment for years. The clamps and the perfectly matched diameter of the discs’ hole make it easy to quickly change the load and, at the same time, to place it securely and permanently on the bar. The clamps are threaded, thanks to which the load does not shift in any way during exercise. Thanks to a special extension, we gain the possibility of joining two short bars into one long bar. This innovative solution significantly extends the range of exercise possibilities. We gain a barbell with which we will perform exercises that are impossible or inconvenient to do with dumbbells. Deciding on one product, we get two as a result.

The set includes two bars, four clamps, connecting two bars and a total of 8 load plates. The product is suitable for both advanced and novice users. Start exercising today, SGC15 HMS is the perfect proposition for a home gym.


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Svoris 15.000000 kg
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Keičiamo svorio hantelių ir štangos komplektas HMS SGC15, 15 kg


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