Daugiafunkcis treniruočių suoliukas inSPORTline Hero B100


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The Multi-Purpose Bench inSPORTline Hero B100 will fit right into your home gym. If you already own a barbell and weight plates, you can start working out right away. The bench offers a weight limit of 136 kg. The backrest can be adjusted to 6 different positions (including a negative angle), allowing you to focus on different muscle groups. The spacious bicep curl can be adjusted to 2 different heights, allowing for a comfortable workout. You might also appreciate the adjustable barbell stand at the top of the frame. 

When you get tired of the bench press, you can exercise with the leg extension/curl attachment (which also uses weight plates to adjust the resistance). The weight plate storage pegs are 25 mm in diameter. And if you own a single-hand dumbbell, you can also strengthen your biceps (using the bicep curl pad).


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Svoris 41.000000 kg
Išmatavimai 18.000000 × 134.000000 × 54.000000 cm
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Daugiafunkcis treniruočių suoliukas inSPORTline Hero B100


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